Registertion Procedures

Registration Procedures ( KG-Year 2 )

  • An application form should be completed by the parents/guardians at the reception area or on line.
  • The parent will be asked to pay 20 KD as an interview/entrance Test fees and will be given a fixed date for the interview/entrance test.
  • Foundation candidates will be informed about their interview result immediately and the parent will be given list of required documents to get them ready and register his son/ daughter within the required time period, otherwise the seat will be lost.

Registration Procedures (Year 3-Year 12)

  • An application form should be completed by the parents/guardians at the reception area or online.
  • Applicant students are to undertake an entrance exam to evaluate their academic level. This entrance test includes Mathematics and English.
  • Parents will be informed of the results by phone. If the student achieves satisfactory results on the test, he/she will be interviewed by the HOD.
  • Parents should submit the official documents to the school. Within the required Time period, otherwise seat will be lost.
  • Once the student is accepted, the parents are requested to pay the registration fees at the Accounting Department within the required time period, otherwise seat will be lost.

Admission Department Letter

Thank you for choosing International Academy of Kuwait School. We are pleased that you are considering becoming a part of our IAK Community of learners. IAK Admission department main objective is to take charge of the whole school student affairs including managing applications, entry evaluations and registration, withdrawing, communicating, and maintaining all students’ information. Your inquiries concerning admissions are important to us as we realize the significance of your decision regarding selecting the suitable school for your children. If you need further information about the admission process, you may contact the school and we will be glad to assist you.

Information about the admissions process is available on the website. For further questions or inquiries, please click on the Admissions.

Feel free to contact us directly through the contact details given below or we look forward to welcoming you to IAK School between (7:30 am-2:30 pm) during working day, if you need further information.


school policy

IAK School is a British school which follows National British Curriculum. Student’s ages 3 – 18 years old are admitted to IAK as follows:

  • Foundation: kindergarten and Reception.
  • Primary:
      • Key Stage1 (KS1): Year 1 and 2.
      • Key Stage2 (KS2): Year 3 to year 6.
  • Secondary:
      • Key Stage3 (KS3): Year 7 to Year 9.
      • Key Stage 4 (KS4): Year 10 to Year 12.

Priority for new registration is given to those who have been accepted within the criteria listed below according to:

  1. Having siblings in the school.
  2. Date of application.
  3. Availability of seats in the required Years.
  4. Completion of official registration procedures and requirements.
  • Applicants for year levels (KG – 2) students will be interviewed.
  • All applicants for year levels (3-12) should sit for an entrance exam that includes English Language and Math. Upon Completion of the entrance exam, an interview with the Head of department relevant to the student’s year level.
  • Due to high demand to the certain year levels, passing Entrance Exam and the interview doesn’t guarantee admission to the school. When the capacity of each class is reached, students meeting the acceptance criteria, but not admitted, will be placed on a waiting list in case openings occur.
  • As per ministry regulations, In case of a student’s withdrawal before the beginning of the school year registration fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. Also, In case of a student’s withdrawal during the scholastic year, all paid amounts are non-refundable and non-transferable.

frequently asked questions

about IAK school

  • We are British school teaching National British curriculum.
  •  KS1 and Ks2 Oxford books, KS3 and KS4 Cambridge books.

  • Foundation: Maths, English Arabic, Quran, Islam, art and PE.
  • Primary: Maths, English, Science, Humanities, Arabic, Quran, Islam, art and PE.
  • Year 7 and 8: Maths, English, Science, Humanities, Arabic, Quran, Islam, art and PE.
  • Year 9: Maths, English, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Humanities, Arabic, Quran, Islam, business, art and PE.

We have a lot of fun, sports and literary activities.

Mr. Abdulrahman Al Shayaa.

Foundation and KS1 seven classes / year level.

KS2 six classes/ year level.

KS3 and KS4 four classes/ year level.

30 students.

Please check the Admission section where you can find the required documents.

Yes you can, by getting approval from the ministry after your children pass the test.

There is no Flunking in the British system. The student can repeat the class upon the parents willing and after consulting the teacher and the head but his age should allow him to repeat the same class.

Cambridge, Edexcel and Oxford.

Two years 10 and 11. Four IG subjects per year.

Yes he can sit the exam for the first time but not resitting.

Score at least 4 C grades in IGCSE subjects including English (first or second language).Have attained at least a B grade at IGCSE level in the subjects you wish to study at AS level.

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