activities & club

Pupils will have the opportunity to engage in a number of activities over the year; including:- football – basketball – handball – volleyball – table tennis – badminton. 

In addition, the department runs competitions during the breaks as well as participate in competitions that take selected students to various establishments around Kuwait.  

This year, we will participate in the external league of schools, where we are in the process of establishing Alshaya Sports Academy  (football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, taekwondo, karate) as well as a number of paid and free clubs.  More details will be posted in due course. 

school uniform

The school uniform must be worn correctly by students when they are at school or representing the school on a trip and is monitored by all members of staff. The school uniform is considered to be an essential contribution to the development of the school community spirit.
If a student arrives at school out of uniform, the school reserves the right to send him/her home and he/she will not be permitted to return until wearing the correct uniform or parents will be contacted and requested to bring the correct attire to school.
The school uniform can be purchased from the school uniform shop. If the school shop is unable to supply the correct size/item for a short period of time, a similar alternative can be worn temporarily.

If your child’s class has PE, students should wear correct PE uniform.


  • Long, loose fitting Navy trousers.
  • White polo shirt with IAK logo.
  • Black school shoes with white school socks (No boots).
  • PE Uniform:
    • School PE kit
    • Trainers with white sports socks


  • Long, loose fitting Navy trousers.
  • White polo shirt with IAK logo.
  • Black school shoes with white school socks (No boots).
  • Navy sweater with no logo.
  • PE Uniform:
    • School PE kit.
    • Navy sweater with no commercial.
    • Trainers with white sports socks.

social worker

Our school social worker is an important asset to students, parents, communities, and school districts. By working to ensure that all students are equipped and able to handle the demands of an education, our school social worker is able to help children and adolescents overcome a number of obstacles that could impede both social and academic success. Our School social worker also often works directly with families in order to best make assessments of behavior, learning, and social barriers to make changes to intervention plans. Additionally, families look to school social workers for help in understanding and finding resources to help students make adjustments in the classroom and at home. With education and training in mental health, and communication skills, professionals working as social workers in all types of schools and education environments are able to meet the needs of everyone involved in the education process for early childhood, elementary, and secondary students. Our school social worker provides integral and necessary services to educators, community members, students, and families to create the best programs, plans to help all children and adolescents be successful in and out of school.